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Say it with a t-shirt

Capricorns tend not to be the most emotionally expressive people. We have a dry wit and hold our feelings close to the vest. However, we do have killer senses of humor and a way with words. Lately, I've decided to express my feelings through message tees.

Message tees pop up all over social media, and I am quite fond of them. The message tee above: "it's a beautiful day to leave me alone," I found on Amazon for about ten bucks. Funny thing is, even when I wear it, people do not leave me alone. I had it on yesterday and a person, whom I walked past, went out of her way to wave at me and say hello. Who does that? LOL

Here are a few of my favorite tees and the meaning behind them.


I am so not a "suit" person, at least not in the conservative sense. If I could wear this "esq. Bar Approved" shirt to court, I would!

When I posted the image on the left, all of my lawyer friends wanted one. I sen…

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