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Clothing stores of my youth

Back in the day 5 7 9 and Rave were the big draw in apparel for teen girls who wanted to be trendy.

Feeling nostalgic today, I decided to look up some of the clothing stores I frequented in my teens and twenties. This was a random exploit after watching YouTube videos on clothing hauls and what not. Most popular clothing companies can be found online. Their online presence has put a lot of mall-stores out of business. Online shopping did not exist when I was a teen.

Back in the day when I wanted to grab cheap and/or trendy clothing in high school, I would frequent RAVE for the cheap and Maurice's for the trendy. I'm from a small town, so we did not have a great deal of options. Clearly, RAVE has since shut down, but I remember going on a competition trip with my DECA group, two of my schoolmates and I went to RAVE to grab some matching silver pleather short outfits (yes...a hot mess!!) to wear to the closing party.

One of us had the matching halter, another had a matching ves…

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