Say it with a t-shirt

Message t-shirts are conversation starters. 

Capricorns tend not to be the most emotionally expressive people. We have a dry wit and hold our feelings close to the vest. However, we do have killer senses of humor and a way with words. Lately, I've decided to express my feelings through message tees.

Message tees pop up all over social media, and I am quite fond of them. The message tee above: "it's a beautiful day to leave me alone," I found on Amazon for about ten bucks. Funny thing is, even when I wear it, people do not leave me alone. I had it on yesterday and a person, whom I walked past, went out of her way to wave at me and say hello. Who does that? LOL

Here are a few of my favorite tees and the meaning behind them.


I am so not a "suit" person, at least not in the conservative sense. If I could wear this "esq. Bar Approved" shirt to court, I would!

When I posted the image on the left, all of my lawyer friends wanted one. I sent one to my best friend who also happens to be an attorney.

Tee gifted from


Old Navy has a few cute graphic tees. I picked up this tank at Old Navy and loved it because of the way the script is designed. I had a life-changing experience this year, this t-shirt reminds me of the support I received during that time. 


Found this throwback tee at Old Navy.
image from
Walking to the beat of my own drum since childhood, this tee spoke to me. The color and script of this t-shirt remind me of the shirts from old 80s sitcoms. 
Do you like message t-shirts? 

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