Shopping after losing weight

Shopping after losing weight:
Military style romper with gold details and bandage dress from Ross Dress for Less

Shopping after losing weight is a special kind of crazy. I have been changing my lifestyle and being more active since May 2014. Though a long and slow process I've managed to drop some LBs. 

I know you can't tell from pics because I didn't post or take many when I was at my highest point. (Chile pics are for memories and I want to forget lol!!) 

I know how much I weighed then, but I don't know how much I weigh now. Honestly, I don't care. I will know as my sizes get smaller. 

Which brings me back to shopping after losing weight. I hit up Ross Dress for Less after work today. And was pleasantly surprised when some of the clothes didn't fit.

They were too big!!! Ha! 

But I found several cute things like this homage to Janet Jackson jumper!! 

Military style romper (or Jumpsuit) with gold details

I didn't even try it on. I just grabbed it and hopped in line. I was somewhat disappointed because I couldn't find much that looked right on me...though everything I found was cute... I'm still in the trim down phase of my lifestyle change. I was probably in the store for two hours lol

Issues with shopping after losing weight:

1. You no longer know your size.
2. You're between sizes.
3. Your body has taken on a different shape.
4. You have to learn new ways to hide "imperfections" LOL
5. You're still losing should you even be shopping? 

Disappointed, I grabbed the jumper. While in line I was texting two of my gal pals and one asked me to snap a pic of some of the stuff I previously tried on. 

I sent the pic of this dress...

Bandaged Dress, a find while shopping after
losing weight. 

The Chicas loved it...which encouraged me to hop out of line and go back to get it... This little number is actually looser than it appears and the fabric is very breathable (I'm proud of myself for no longer having to tuck in my much...and I meant tuck lol I'm not even holding my breath or wearing spanx lol)

6. You don't want to look like a trollop, but you want to show off your success.
7. You get caught in the "just cause they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it.." madness.
8. They don't have it in your size and you get it anyway. 
9. You end up with closets full of clothing that is either too big or two small.
10. You might gain back the weight... 

I still have a long way to go on this get fit or live trying mission. Hopefully I will be able to report on shopping in the single digits at some point...or not... LOL

Have you experienced shopping after losing weight? What were your experiences like?


  1. It's definitely hard to shop after dropping weight. I dropped all of my pregnancy weight officially and while I back to my pre-baby size in clothes, things don't fit the way they used to. I'm more fuller in some places and slimmer in others. And because I'm working on toning up and muscle gain, it's hard figuring out if you should invest tailoring because your body could change from month to month until it finally levels off.

    That all said, I'm learning to enjoy shopping for my new body and how to be more positive about my new shape. After all, I didn't work hard to shed those pounds for nothing!

    1. Congrats on the little one and the new figure! That's right...all that hard work should be celebrated!

      What are you doing to tone? I actually love weightlifting and am slowly getting back into it.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I am also in the process of losing weight and have made a decision not to buy any new clothes this year. I have a healthy goal in mind and I want to not deal with the emotions that come with shopping when I am in between sizes. I commend you and wish you all the best on your holistic lifestyle change.

    1. I think that is a smart idea, waiting to hit your goal before shopping. Thanks for your encouragement and keep me posted on your progress.

      And share any tips you have please lol

  3. I remember shopping after losing my baby weight. It was so exciting and frustrating at the same time. Trying to find the correct size and fit after your body has changed so much can be a little stressful.

    1. Absolutely! It's a thrill and confusing at the same time lol

      Did you find that your style changed afterwards?

  4. Number 7! That was an issue after I lost weight. I was like "SMALLS!!!!!!" And then, my weight still fluxuates bc of health conditions, so I have almost two wardrobes. The large one and the small one. As much as I'd rather buy the small size, unless it's a dress or real pants (but I prefer jean leggings anyway!) I err on the larger side. It's harder with summer clothes, but the trend of oversized sweaters and shirts is my favorite because clothes that just fit a few months ago are now fitting loosely, but my friends assure me that they look fine.
    I went shopping with a friend on Saturday and picked out a cocoon type sweater. I wanted the small, but they were sold out because they were on a great sale. She convinced me that a medium was fine because the type of sweater was ok to be baggy. I wore it yesterday and she was right!

    1. Don't you love good friends who help you make great fashion decisions?! LOL

      I guess having a go to wardrobe for the ups and downs isn't actually too bad of an idea... I love jeggings too...what is your favorite designer of jeggings?

  5. It is very hard to shop after loosing a lot of weight, because you really don't know your size any more, I lost a lot of weight and tried on 4 sizes before landing on the right one haha.

  6. Having just had a newborn, I feel you! I bought new jeans during pregnancy, and now I'm afraid to buy online because I'm just so uncertain about my postpartum size. It's a crazy feeling, and I remember with my first, even after the weight came off, the hips were different, the rear was different, and it kept shifting for about a year.


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