My Little Steamer from HSN

My Little Steamer from HSN

My Little Steamer is my favorite birthday gift from this year. My mom saw it on Home Shoppers Network and purchased one for me in one of my favorite colors, red. She also picked one for herself and my sister, in her favorite color blue. 

Although my birthday was in January, and I received plenty of great gifts, my first time using the steamer was tonight. It is so simple to use. You just turn the top portion until it unlocks, fill with water at or below the Max line, snap the top back on, pull out the retractable cord, plug it in and all of a sudden it starts bubbling!

After warming up for about two minutes, the water starts bubbling and steam comes out. 

From start to finish, steaming my dress for work tomorrow, took about six minutes. It was seriously that fast! 

I'm not sure how much it costs, but I can't wait to tell my mommy it was with the purchase. 

This product is fantastic. I can't tell you how many times I've traveled and needed something like this. I do not like ironing, especially using hotel irons.

Speaking of ironing, let me tell y'all a funny story. Now this was back in the 80s before people got all afraid of letting kids live and experience life so...just understand
I was four years old, and my mom was ironing clothes for the week. I begged and begged her to let me iron, she said no. Then the phone rang and she went to answer it.

Welp, while she was gone, I hopped out of my little red Jordache jeans and somehow grabbed the iron. She had forgotten it was still plugged in, I guess. So there I was on the floor, with my pants off, sittin on my knees, ironing. All of a sudden I ran the iron over my knee by accident.

I screamed! I was jumping up and down crying... My mom came running and I think she was terrified, she scooped me up. 

Then she noticed my pants off and neatly laid out on the the iron. LOL

I didn't get into trouble, I think my mom felt bad for leaving the iron in my reach. I still have that iron scar on my knee to this day...yet I survived...with a great story to tell all these years later. Ha!

Anyway, back to "My Little Steamer," of course I've only had it since January as I'm not yet sure if it's durability, but for now it is a definite keeper! It will go with me when I travel from now own... It comes with it's own little travel bag. 

Do you prefer steaming or ironing? How likely are you to get a steamer like this one?


  1. We don't do too much ironing around here because both the husband and I hate actually ironing--but this looks like a quick and easy replacement!

    1. Absolutely, it is! I love this thing. It saves a lot of time!

  2. I absolutely need one of these! I loathe ironing and have clothes in my closet that I just bypass because they are wrinkled and I don't feel like dealing with them.

  3. I have always wanted one of these. It looks like it works great!

  4. I prefer steaming but I have yet to find a good steamer. I need to check this one out ASAP!!


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