Studio Gear Eye Collection Review

Studio Gear eye collection review.

Studio Gear Cosmetics selected YBBG STYLE to review some of the products offered in the brand's eye collection. For this review, I received a mascara, gel eyeliner, and application brush. 

Eyes are so amazing that musicians make songs about them. Poets string together words to pay homage to those lovely windows to the soul. Eyes are the focal points of most makeup routines. 

My eyes were a gift from my dad, passed down through genetics. They match his, changing colors like a mood ring from honey brown to hazel to amber. Unfortunately, I got shorted when it came to eyelashes. 

Last year, I had my makeup professionally done for a photo shoot. The makeup artist shamed my short eyelashes. "You don't have any lashes at all!" she lamented. No kidding! I've never had long lashes and they used to fall out so I was left with much of nothing. 

I would love to have long healthy eyelashes, like my little niece who was blessed with gorgeous eyelashes that curl up. Since I do not, I will take all the help I can get. 

cost: $ 18.00
IMPACTFULL PRO T.L.S. MASCARA, Mascara from Studio Gear Cosmetics

When I initially used this mascara, I thought it was not working. I am a makeup novice. Quite honestly, I did not know what I was doing. I decided to watch some YouTube tutorials to learn the basics of applying eyeliner and mascara. 

Today, I tried it again and with two strokes my eyelashes began to lengthen. After a third stroke, I was in the game! My phone's camera could not pick up the true lusciousness that came forth after that third stroke, but trust me I was pleased! 

The bristles on the mascara brush separate the lashes and the product itself gave rise to some lashes that were finally reaching past my lids and toward my brows. Impressive! I've used mascara before and had some that was quite sticky and felt weird on my lashes. Impactfull Pro T.L.S. mascara does not feel sticky at all.  I will continue practicing and get some real life use out of this product. 

cost: 16.00 
Invincible Gel Liner - Studio Gear Cosmetics

I made several attempts to line my eyes without looking like a raccoon. In the end, I scrubbed off the bottom liner and just left the liner across my lid. It is a dark charcoal brownish color called Invincible EarthThe liner is on my lid in the pic in the collage above. 

As far as staying power, it took some facial cleanser and a light scrub to get it off. I believe that is a good thing, since you may not have to worry about it running. There is a lot of product in the container and the color holds up. I believe in the makeup world the product will be considered heavily pigmented. 

I'm not sure I will use this particular product again. Applying it seems to take a little bit more advanced knowledge than I currently have. I used the brush (discussed below) to apply the gel, but getting enough product on the brush was an interesting task. I ended up wetting the brush to see if it would collect enough of the product. (Keep in mind, I didn't know what I was doing. LOL) I may have a better chance with a pencil liner. 

cost: 18,00

#31 Invincible Eyeliner Brush - Studio Gear Cosmetics

I really like this little brush. The angle of the bristles helps the brush fit nicely into the corner of your eyes. The bristles seem pretty sturdy. Although I am no makeup guru, I do have quite a few applicator brushes (I joined one of those makeup subscription clubs a while back.). On Studio Gear's site this brush is listed as an eyeliner brush, but it truly is a multi-tasker. I can definitely use it to apply concealer. 

The look of the brush is sleek and professional. The black handle with the silver tip give Studio Gear's brushes a polished look. 

About the Products

IMPACTFULL PRO T.L.S MASCARA: Studio tested, high impact mascara that THICKENS, LENGTHENS and SEPARATES the lashes, delivering maximum fullness and flare.
• Naturally derived collagen, hydrolyzed wheat protein and antioxidants nourish, condition, and protect the lashes.
• Deep, rich pigments create high impact lashes
• Long wearing without clumping, flaking or smearing.

Gel cream eye liner providing the ultimate versatility in application and wear, always creating a
smooth and even finish
• High performance, water/smudge proof formula
• Capable of creating intense, sheer or smoky effect
• Use as shadow or liner

Synthetic Fibers: Taklon Nylon
This brush has an exclusive and unique ergonomic shape developed to fit perfectly into the corners of your eye. This brush moves naturally with the shape of your lid enabling you to effortlessly sweep the liner along your lashes creating a precise line. The flat, curved shape is perfect for applying liquid, cake, cream, gel and powder (wet or dry) products.

OVERALL: You get a lot of product for the price point with the mascara and eyeliner gel. You may need to know a little about makeup to use the eyeliner gel. They could work on the ease of application with that one. The brushes are sturdy and sleek. The eyeliner gel is highly pigmented. 



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