Ulta haul: Skincare and more

A quick trip to Ulta turned into a beauty haul. 

My birthday was two days ago. I decided to scoop up every free item I could grab in celebration of me. Normally, I try to pull together a birthday event and sort it out with my people. This year, I decided to not do that at all. I just wanted some me time.

Part of my birthday me time, was running to Ulta to pick up some tea tree face wash and a free item. For some reason, Ulta is much like Walmart to me. I go in...I see stuff I had no plan f getting, but come out with anyway. 

Somehow my one item, turned into twelve plus three free samples. Unfortunately the free item I went for was not even in stock! I ended up picking up these goodies. 


Earth Therapeutics exfoliating Hydro Towel

Apparently this towel is used a lot in Japanese culture. For lack of a better description it is like a mesh cloth that is long enough to scrub your back with. I used it today and love it! It's supposed to sloff off dead skin and leave your skin feeling soft.

         Earth Therapeutics exfoliating face mitt

         This handy dandy little mitt is great for exfoliating your face. It gets
         all the dirt and grime off of your face. All you have to do is wet it
         pour on your favorite face cleanser...then scrub away.


Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set

Now that I am slowly learning about makeup, I decided to get some
tools of the trade. I am determined to learn how to use them.


 Earth Therapeutics Green Tea Hydrogel Under-Eye Patch

I cannot wait to use these. My eyes need some attention due to lack
of sleep. There are five packs in the box and each little pack has two patches.

Ulta Brush Bath

Since I'm getting into makeup, I want to maintain the cleanliness
and health of my skin. Dirty makeup brushes will lead to break outs, and I do not need any more of those. So I picked this brush
cleaner up.

Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstic Duo

I picked up this little lipstick duo in Orchid and Must Have Pink because it was on sale for 7.50. Seriously, that is the only reason I picked it up.

In total, I picked up twelve items. Those above are just a few of the picks. I also received three free samples including Modern Muse Eua de Parfume by Estee Lauder...and it smells pretty good.

I perused Ulta for quite awhile, but I had sticker shock over the price of some of the makeup items. I shop on a budget! Since I'm just getting into makeup, I am not yet ready to break the bank on any makeup items!

Not pictured above are some face masks I picked up for 5.00 each. One is a hydrating mask that I tried out today. It definitely moisturized my face, but as for right now, I am sticking to my Valentia Pure Glow Moisturizer. Even though I was comped the product for review back in September of last year, I still have some left and I absolutely love it.

If you'd like to try the Pure Glow Moisturizer you will get 15% off your first purchase with code YBBG15.*


*YBBG Style is now an affiliate of Valentia and receives compensation for items purchased through links and posts on this site. 

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