Shop, bid, buy on Tophatter!

Shop, bid, buy on Tophatter!

Do you love gadgets and luxury gift items, but hate the retail prices you'd have to pay for them? Tophatter is an online and mobile shopping portal that gives you access to luxury brands like Coach, Versace, Tarte and Urban Decay at less than half of the retail price.

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But there is a fun catch. With Tophatter, you get to bid on items you like and keep your fingers crossed that your bid will win! I had an opportunity to shop Tophatter recently, and let me tell you, it can become a bit addictive.

I have the app on my phone and used comped credits to make bids on everything from a charm bracelet to a drone. If you shop Tophatter and use code: a7577d, you will get a $10 credit to use on a bid of 11.00 or more. You can sign up online at or download the app to your smartphone. The code works either way.

You can load cash into your account through secure means like PayPal, and shop from the credits in your account.

I found that bidding early in the morning increased my chances at winning the items I wanted. You have to be careful on the app, however. One day, I accidentally double tapped an item I did not intend to purchase and won the bid. Luckily, I am using the item as an incentive reward for my it worked out.

Be wise about the items you bid on. If you click the image of the item in the app, it will take you to a description of the item with a purported retail value. I looked up the value of the items I, intentionally, bid on prior to going through with the bids. Some of the items are overly valued on the site. 

The items I ordered arrived very quickly. Each item arrived earlier than advertised, and there was only one that I did not really like once I opened the package. Tophatter allows you return items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. 

Have you ever tried online auctions for buying items? What do you think about auction sites like Tophatter? 


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