Shoe shopping at an outlet mall

Heels are a girl's best friend!

I love shopping, but I hate spending a lot of money. If you are looking for luxury brand shoes here, you have come to the wrong place. Last weekend, I decided to take a trip to my local outlet mall. It is probably less than five miles from where I live, but I've never been there before. 

Because I'm a shopaholic in recovery, I avoided it. My intention was to go find new sneakers... That's all...
I ended up with new sneakers, 2 pairs of heels, some loafers, jeans, shirts, and almost bought a timeshare... #yeahIrelapsed #notgoingbackthere#theyranmypockets 🤦🏽‍♀️

Technically, many, if not most, big brands sell lesser quality goods in their outlet stores. Sometimes
the items are made specifically for the outlet, have a small defect or are clearance items from the regular store. I knew this going in, but I've always found good deals and good quality at outlets.

Reebok sneakers I purchased for 39.95 at the outlet.
Amazon price: 51.99

One year, I bought myself, my mom and my sister each Reebok sneakers all for a grand total of 42 bucks. No kidding! And those shoes lasted forever. I actually picked up a pair of Reebok sneakers at the outlets last Saturday. As mentioned above, they were all I meant to buy, but alas...Nine West Outlet called my name. 

Let's get into the shoes. I happened upon a +Nine West in +Charlotte Premium Outlets. I love outlet shopping and outlet shopping loves me. 

At Nine West, I purchased three pairs of shoes for a grand total of 98.00 and some change. Let's start with the Maize Pointy Toe Pumps:

I love these Maize Pointy Toe Pumps, however, they retail for 89.00 on the Nine West website.  I purchased a similar pair (Tornaydo pumps) for $17.50 from the Nine West Outlet. You read that right, $17.50. At the outlet, the shoes were "buy one get one half off," so the regular price for my pumps was $34.00. 

$17.50 Tornaydo pumps from Nine West Outlet
I needed a pair of nude or close to nude pumps as well. So I came across these Sevan Natural Fabric pointy toe pumps. I paid 58.00 for these, but they retail for 89.00. 

Sevan Pointy Toe Pumps retail for 89.00
on I purchased for 58.00
at the Nine West Outlet. 

The last pair of shoes I purchased were blue suede shoes. These shoes retail for 39.99, but I paid 19.99 at the outlet. They were on clearance, and I found out why. As I tried them on more at home, the heel on one shoe became unattached. I have to decide if I'm going to get the heel fixed or take them back. I really like them, so I may just swallow the loss and get the heel fixed.

Do you break the bank for shoes, or are you a bargain hunter like me?

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